Our Team

is at the core of who we are. We're a group of misfits (in the best way) who care about the industry in which we work and the way in which we do our jobs. Everyone brings something unique to the proverbial table and we're stoked to be able to share our skills and passion with you!



Most of what BNA is today came from Kyle’s daydreams, so we’re beyond thankful for them. Don’t try to have a conversation while his head is in the clouds though, you might just end up on some crazy journey of opening a brewery or something with him. But seriously, BNA is here because of Kyle’s vision so we hope he never stops dreaming!


They say behind every man is a good woman. Well Kyle & Carolyn work more side by side, and they’re equally good, but if the saying was “behind every daydreamer there is a practical person who reins them in and executes their wild ideas” it would be dead on. Kyle and Carolyn have 2.5 kids, but BNA probably counts too, so it’s more like 3.5, and they raise each of them instilling the values of equal parts hard work, ambition, and fun. 


Also known as our Executive Chef, Justin’s kitchen mannerisms sometimes resemble a scientist who has perhaps spent too much time alone in the lab. You can almost see the wheels turning as he mimes the plating of his latest creation or paces while he thinks up the final ingredient for a new masterpiece. Justin has been a part of BNA since the beginning; we really couldn’t imagine anyone else in his shoes. 


You always get a sense that Mark knows more than he’s saying. It’s not like he’s keeping secrets, he just doesn’t want us lesser folk to feel inferior to his vast knowledge. Much of that knowledge is of fine spirits and of mixing them perfectly to create mouth-watering cocktails. Plus a bit of it is of Mexican luchadores from the 70s.

Kare Bear

This bear is always looking out for her cubs. She brings cheer and joy wherever she goes, all the while with a cool and calming presence. The type of person who waits for the answer to the question “How’s it going?” Fiercely protective, equally warm and loving; we hope this Kare Bear Countdown never ends!


He's the one you'll see making deliveries (on foot or otherwise), the one you'll meet at festivals and tastings, the one posted up at the bar who is always ready to chat everything BNA. Essentially, Kenny has become the face of BNA. Like most of us around here, he does a wide array of jobs, and he does them all with a kind of love and care that goes beyond imagination. He may be the face, but his heart plays a pretty important role too. 


BNA is essentially Full House and Jill is our Danny Tanner. She keeps our household in order and is wise beyond her years. Need a spreadsheet? She’s on it. Babysitter? She'll be there in 5. Did somebody say something about a vegan dessert? Well she baked it and instagramed it. Simply the BNA human Swiss army knife.


Our Vancouver transplant, Liam brings with him his experience as Assistant Brewmaster at Granville Island Brewing to BNA. Almost as much of a mad scientist as Justin, Liam can be found perfecting his recipes in the brewery, or testing them out at the bar. Liam took a leap of faith and joined our crazy team at the beginning of this adventure. We’re sure glad he did.


We'll call Diane 'Nike' because she 'just do(es) it!' Before you even know you need it done, Diane is on it. She organizes our shelves and our lives and we don't know what we'd do without her. Seriously, this woman has a can-do attitude and a wealth of knowledge to boot. Plus she looks after you like a mama bear, but can party with the best of 'em! 

Brent’s beachy waves are the stuff of envy, his smile is infectious, and the good vibes that he puts out into the world can certainly be felt. He’s a loving soul, but not one to be taken advantage of. To quote his own Instagram bio: “forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza.”


Steph is Ashley’s envoy to BNA but she doesn’t deal only in coin. She handles our vast array of inquiries with grace & respect. This woman may seem quiet and even a bit shy but don’t make her scream ‘show me the money!’


This Swiss Mis(ter) is a whiz in the kitchen. His currency is quality produce and his exchange rate is a smile. 


Melissa has a severe case of Fear of Missing Out. That’s why she always does her best to ensure everyone else is having a good time too and NO ONE IS MISSING OUT ON ANYTHING. You might see her out on the floor, or she could be behind the scenes, but either way she's still working her butt off to make sure everyone gets the perfect spot and to generally keep this ship running smoothly!


Spencer has been with BNA since the get-go. Don’t let his flowing locks fool you; Spencer’s laces are done up tight. Not in a boring-never-has-any-fun way, but in a trustworthy-you-know-he’ll-get-the-job-done-right-with-no-nonsense kind of way. He’s actually our GM and can be found walking (not running) around the restaurant making sure everyone has what they need.


Ashley is our numbers gal. People are usually happy to see her because she hands out paychecks. And because she’s just cool & funny. Ashley has been a part of this thing since conception and we wouldn’t be here today without her keeping our bank accounts in check and telling us maybe we shouldn’t spend that $600 on a custom toilet seat.


Joanna is a saint of a woman. She raises 2 kids, a dog, a cat, a godfather, and Justin. And still manages to find time to be an absolute bombshell in the kitchen.