Blonde/Harvest Ale
5.3% ABV 35 IBU
Brewed with harvest grains and infused with malbec, merlot, and riesling grape must.

White IPA
7.5% ABV 61 IBU
A Belgian Wit-style IPA. Brewed with Big White's signature champagne powder and with spruce needles from the hill, this beer is cloudy & pale blonde in colour and has notes of citrus, spice, and pine. 

Brown Ale
5% ABV 22 IBU
Full -bodied Brown Ale with molasses & spice.

4% ABV 50 IBU
A sessional ale with big flavour. Fruit-forward hops & a blood orange twist. 

6% ABV 20 IBU
Brewed with the traditional spirit of Oktoberfest in mind, this beer was aged over the summer for this fall release, resulting in well blended and mellow flavours that contribute to an ultra smooth beverage. This one was talked about when the seeds of BNA were first planted, and is our Brewmaster's tribute to the hard work of the entire brew crew. It's got a really nice copper colour, a slightly sweet malty breadiness, and finishes quite dry. German noble hops added at the end of the brew give a hint of fruitiness to round it all out. Prost!

Dark Sour
6.5% ABV 23 IBU
A collaborative brew with Chef Rod Butters, Capocuoco ['Chef' in Italian] is a Belgian Amber Ale at its roots, soured using the probiotics from local, organic yogurt. It was brewed with date sugar and smoked cinnamon, and has notes of dark fruit and a caramel malt backbone, with a hint of a tannic character reminiscent of red wine. This beer is made to be paired with good food!

5.4% ABV 56 IBU
A red & white ISA celebrating 148 years of Canada. Ingredients from across this great nation combine to connect us all! Berries, grains, honey, potato, and hops galore. Oh Canada! 

Golden Ale
5% ABV 20 IBU
A celebratory beer. A spicy, crisp, and slightly woodsy belgian blonde subtly flavoured with local organic rose petals & hips, with a touch of lavender. A beer to toast all those who put love into everything they do. We feel it every day.

CORDOVA [2017]
Anniversary Golden Ale
5.7% ABV 10 IBU
This year, we decided to age our anniversary beer in red wine barrels, which added another layer of flavour and an element of smoothness to the beer.

Harvest Ale
4.8% ABV 20 IBU
A wheat-forward brew with hints of Okanagan Valley stone fruit.

Imperial IPA
9.15% ABV 90 IBU
A no-nonsense, what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of beer. Well balanced hop and malt profiles. Juicy tropical fruit on the nose, big citrus flavour and surprisingly smooth mouthfeel.

Fresh-Hopped CWA
6% ABV 35 IBU
We're calling this one a "CWA" - Cascadian White Ale. It's a take on the CDA, but brewed as more of a wit beer. 75lbs of freshly picked cascade, centennial, and chinook hops give it a bright pacific northwest character without the bitterness. 

5.6% ABV 27 IBU
A one-of-a-kind brew that will mess with your head. Elements of a Pale Ale, a Belgian Blonde, and a Stout. Pink-ish colour from the addition of beetroot, Belgian yeast gives strong fruit & spice characteristics and a super smooth mouthfeel. Beans from Canoe Coffee Roasters add the roasty notes of a stout to this unique and delicious beer. 

7.5% ABV 25 IBU
A hearty Belgian Ale infused with a unique tea blend from our local tea provider Chai Baba. An aroma of tropical fresh fruit and sweet spices.

Belgian Wit
5% ABV 12 IBU
Natural citrus characteristics of the style are complimented subtly by organic chocolate.

Honey Weizenbock
6.5% ABV 35 IBU
A tribute to the greatest. The image of Ali on a Wheaties box is engraved in our memories, so it only made sense to make this one a dark wheat beer in his honour. With a sweet twist based on his famous 'float like a butterfly, sting like a bee' mantra. It's a rich & full-bodied ale that's all about the malts, which give it elements of toffee and dried fruit. Plus the German yeast brings a bit of spice to the party. It's a celebration of the life of the Greatest of all Time. Rest in Paradise. 

Hazy IPA
6.2% ABV 35 IBU
New England/Hazy IPAs are all the rage these days so we had to try our hand at 'em! Nice juicy hop aroma and flavour without much bitterness. Full bodied and smooth. Hansel - so hot right now.

Fresh-Hopped Belgian Amber
6.5% ABV 22 IBU
A really unique fresh-hopped brew. Harmony is an amber saison with familiar notes of citrus and spice, plus a hint of sweetness. 130lbs of locally-grown comet fresh hops give strong aromas of melon and peach.

Brown Ale
6.2% ABV 20 IBU
Yep. Like a lion and a tiger. This mashup of root beer and chocolate-y brown ale is just as magical as the famed creature. Traditional organic botanicals give that classic root beer aroma and flavour, cacao nibs and a touch of lactose lend an ultra-smooth mellow sweetness to the finish. 

5.8% ABV 45 IBU
We were given a secret, experimental batch of hops and decided the best way to showcase them and figure out what their deal was, was to feature them in a single malt and single hop brew. A neutral pilsner base and a Belgian yeast have really allowed the lemony and spice characteristics to shine. Well-balanced and refreshing, with a low bitterness yet bright hop flavour. 

5.4% ABV 17 IBU
A beautifully copper beer brewed using Okanagan apple. The fruit is subtle in the beer though, and lends just a hint of that crisp fall aroma. You know, the one you get while gallivanting through the orchard, autumn leaves crunching beneath your feet. 

6.2% ABV 70 IBU
Welp, we done messed up. Brewed the "Don't Lose Your Dinosaur," but added the tea for the "Earl." Oops. But it's a happy accident! This beer is honestly pretty delicious. Two of our faves, together as one! On tap 'til it's out. 

6% ABV 70 IBU
Copper-coloured IPA with an aroma of hoppy pineapple.

5.8% ABV 14 IBU
A mind-blowingly refreshing brew made with oats, rye, wheat, and packed full of tart fruit flavour. Belgian Saison yeast works well with the citrus aspects of the beer while contributing a very slight spice element. Organic raspberry and lemon give a beautiful colour and a shout-out to "Nator's" beloved pink lemonade superpump. 

No. 6 WRED
Red Ale
5% ABV 27 IBU
A classic red ale with various additions of maple. Noticeable smoky element with slightly sweet maple finish. Deep red colour with an aroma of coffee.

Wheat Beer
5% ABV 30 IBU
Brewed in Collaboration with local company "Okanagan Lifestyle," this beer is a celebration of everything we love about the valley we call home! The land, the farmers, the movers & shakers, the lifestyle, and most of all - the community. Hazy yet bright, crisp yet smooth. Notes of citrus and berry.

Amber Lager
4.8% ABV 15 IBU
A Mexican/Vienna hybrid beer, this lager is destined to be a crowd-pleaser. A pinch of dark malts adds a touch of body and colour to the style, but doesn't mess with the crisp, clean, and easy-drinking familiarity. Bottoms up!

White ISA
4.5% ABV, 40 IBU
Bold & fruity hop flavour with a light, crisp body. Oats and wheat add a fullness to the mouthfeel, while the overall beer remains ultra sessionable and perfect for these hot summer days!

Sour Ale
5% ABV, 5 IBU
A berliner weisse style beer soured using natural probiotics. Blackberries give a purple colour to the beer, as well as balance out the tartness. Late addition hops add a juicy flavour without any bitterness.

Red Ale
5.5% ABV 25 IBU
Munich malt, smoked maple

Dry-Hopped Sour
8% ABV 20 IBU
A kettle-sour brewed with just a hint of ginger, and dry-hopped with Motueka, giving a subtle lemon-lime presence to the beer. 

5% ABV 23 IBU
Crisp, dry, thirst quenching. An homage to the hard work that goes into BNA.

India Saison
5.6% ABV IBU 50
This beer is composed like a summer wheat beer, with the colour of a pale ale. It comes across as a mild IPA with the crisp esters of a Saison yeast, and finishes dry with an herbal lemongrass note

Fresh-Hopped ESB
5.8% ABV 41 IBU
Brewed using fresh Cascade and Centennial hops from Naramata. Ultra fresh, fairly floral, finishes dry.

Wild Ale
5% ABV 20 IBU
Light, tangy and refreshing! The juicy hop profile complements the sweetness from the kiwi, which helps to balance the sharp tartness of the soured ale.

SUMMERTIME SOUR - Field House Collab
5.5% ABV, 8 IBU
A medium-bodied, hazy sour ale. Aroma of peach pie with a nice sour tang. 200lbs of fresh fruit provide a sweet finish.

Belgian White Ale
5.5% ABV, 30 IBU
Medium-bodied, hazy wheat & oat based brew with loads of orange and grapefruit peel. Creamy mouthfeel with fresh citrus flavour. Dry-hopped with citra.

Oatmeal Stout
4.8% ABV 15 IBU
Jet black with a coffee coloured head. Has aromas of chocolate, espresso and roasted malts.

Imperial Milk Stout [Barrel-Aged]
8.5 % ABV 30 IBU
Brewed in 2016 and tucked into for a long winter's nap into bourbon barrels, giving the beer a warm oaky vanilla element. Notes of dark fruit complement the spiciness from the bourbon barrels and the roastiness from the malts.

Brown Ale
6.5% ABV 25 IBU
When you raid the pantry but come up with something delish. Malty, dried fruit taste with a nutty slightly chocolate finish.

White IPA
6.5% ABV 50 IBU
Merging the styles of a hoppy IPA with the more nuanced Belgian Wit. Sour cherries add a refreshing and bright element to this brew.

Stout [nitro]
4.7% ABV 30 IBU
A dry Irish potato stout aged on gin botanicals from Okanagan Spirits. This one is on our nitro tap, so expect the ultra smooth texture that goes along with that!

5.5% ABV 15 IBU
A lavender-infused Saison with grains of paradise & orange peel. Crisp, light spiced, citrusy floral, refreshing. 

Dark Saison
7.8% ABV 15 IBU
This strong Belgian dark ale features all those cool weather spices we love - cinnamon, star anise, nutmeg - but also has 100 lbs of local plums which bring a slight fruity sweetness to the finish. 

CDA [cascadian dark ale]
6% ABV 70 IBU
Fruity nose but dark and deep hop flavour. Brewed using local Okanagan honey which hits your tongue sweetly but finishes dry. 

6.8% ABV 14.5 IBU
A dark wheat beer with colour coming from a combination of malts. Very little hop character and a strong clove and banana aroma from the German Hefeweizen yeast. A winter warmer that will put a little colour in your cheeks!

Pale Brown Ale
5.3% ABV 22 IBU
Spicy rye malt and fresh organic ginger root amp up the flavour in this beer, plus additions of Canoe coffee add a subtle layer. Somewhere between a pale ale and a brown ale, but definitely delicious!