Find out where you can get BNA beer outside of the brewery. 

Check out the restaurants and liquor stores that carry our fine product!



Find out where you can enjoy a BNA brew with your meal.

Restaurants, pubs, even golf courses!

Liquor Stores - Kelowna

Liquor Stores - Kelowna

See which spots in town carry our product.

Liquor Stores - Okanagan & Beyond

Liquor Stores - Okanagan & Beyond

Don't live in Kelowna? No problem!

A number of liquor stores in the valley, plus a few on the coast, carry BNA beer.

Tasting Schedule

Kenny will be out and about offering complimentary tastings
at the following liquor stores/businesses on the following days:

Fri. January 18th, 2-6pm, BC Liquor Store [orchard park]

Sat. January 19th, 2-6pm, BC Liquor Store [orchard park]

Fri. January 25th, 3-6pm, Cap's Liquor

Sat. January 26th, 2-5pm, Urban Liquor

Come say hello and try before you buy!

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