Beer Delivery

We can safely deliver beer right to your doorstep. 4-packs, 6-packs, and kegs (30L or 50L) are available. Please fill out the form below to request next-day delivery. Minimum order of 12 cans and/or one keg please. Prices listed do not include tax or deposit. Any questions? Email [email protected]

 76 Wolverine (Lager - 6 x 355ml) $12.79
 Lil' Pip (Wild Blonde Ale - 6 x 355ml) $13.29
 Earl (Pale Ale - 6 x 355ml) $12.99
 Thriller (Hazy IPA w/ Cherries - 4 x 473ml) $14.49
 Don't Lose Your Dinosaur (IPA - 6 x 355ml) $12.99
 76 Wolverine (Lager) $115-$180
 Gabe's a Superstar (Lemon IPA) $130 (30L only)
 Reign Man (Pale Ale) $130 (30L only)
 Earl (Pale Ale) $125-$190
 Thriller (Hazy IPA w/ Cherry) $150-$220
 Moon Dawg (IPA) $150-$225
 Greg (Hazy IPA) $200 (50L only)
 Big Mario (IPA) $130-$200
 Don't Lose Your Dinosaur (IPA) $135-$200
 Lost Ones (Wild Wine Ale) $230 (50L only)

COVID-19 Update

We have come to the very tough conclusion to temporarily shut the doors of our Eatery in the midst of this outbreak. We made this decision in the hopes that it is what's best for our community as a whole, and hopefully for our business in the long run.

We're all in this together! We'll keep you updated as changes may arise. Thank-you for your support.

You can order beer and more from our friends at PUBLIC Liquor, and right now they're offering free delivery.

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In the heart of YLW's cultural district, BNA is an independent craft brewery with an onsite Tasting Room and attached full-service Eatery. Kelowna is our home - every day we feel lucky to get to live and work here. Whether you share this Okanagan Valley with us, or you're just in town to visit, we're grateful to be able to welcome you and to share with you our passion & love for craft beer, delicious food, & warm hospitality!

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