FAQ's at BNA Brewing Kelowna

Are minors allowed in BNA Brewing Kelowna?

Of course – minors are welcome in BNA Brewing until 10pm in the Eatery and next door in BNA’s Tasting Room when accompanied by an adult.

We even have a BNA Kids menu to make ordering for everyone a bit easier.

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Does BNA Brewing Brew their own Beer?

You bet! All of BNA Brewing beer is brewed right here on site and served straight to you. Sleeves, growler fills, tasting flights and 4packs are available in both the BNA Tasting Room and Eatery. Give it a try!

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Does BNA Brewing Kelowna take reservations?

We do! Reservations for small groups can be made through our BNA Brewing website, click HERE to request your reservation. For private bookings and events, contact [email protected] .

What beer is currently on tap at BNA Brewing Kelowna?

BNA Brewing beer options are always up-to-date on our BNA Kelowna website. Visit, and follow our social media accounts to stay up-to date with all the new BNA Brews.

What is a growler?

A growler is a re-usable vessel for things like beer and cider. BNA Brewing Kelowna sell’s standard sized growlers in our Tasting Room (64oz and 32oz). BNA Kelowna fill’s growlers from any brewery as long as they are clean! BNA Brewing growlers are best consumed within 72 hours of filling and should be rinsed with warm water once empty and left open to dry.

Are there any gluten-free options at BNA Kelowna?

Absolutely. Many of our menu items are already gluten-free or can be easily modified to suit this requirement. Please let your server know of any dietary restrictions or allergies.

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Does BNA Brewing have any vegetarian or vegan options?

Many of BNA Brewing’s menu items can be customized to suit a vegetarian or vegan diet. Our kitchen team is happy to create something special for you. Just ask your server!

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Can I bring my own wine to BNA Brewing?

Yes. Corkage fee at BNA Brewing Kelowna is $25

What does BNA stand for?

The building we occupy was originally constructed for the British North American Tobacco Company (BNATC). We decided to keep the BNA part of the name as a nod to the history of the space, which was used to dry tobacco leaves and roll cigars.

Can I order take-out at BNA Brewing Kelowna?

Yes! We're not always able to answer the phone during service though, so we usually recommend stopping by to place an order. 

Does BNA Brewing sell Gift Certificates?

Yep! Gift Certificates can be purchased (for any denomination) in either the BNA Tasting Room or the BNA Eatery and can be used in both locations as well. BNA Bowling Gift Certificates are also available but must be purchased separately. 

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Does BNA sell kegs of beer?

BNA Brewing Kelowna does sell kegs, based on availability. Contact [email protected] for more information. 

Do I have to wear bowling shoes at BNA Bowl Kelowna?

When you're on the bowling lanes, yes. You may bring your own approved footwear, or rent from us [$4 a pair]. Socks must be worn with our rental shoes. You may bring your own, or purchase from us [$4 a pair].

Can I bring my own bowling equipment?

You are welcome to use your own regulation bowling balls or shoes, provided they are compatible with our system. BNA holds no responsibility for the loss of or any damage to your items that may occur while in use at our facility. 


Genuinely warm hospitality - it's in our BNA

BNA is a brewery. But also a bowling alley? Honestly, there's a lot going on and we'll try to give you a run down so you know what to expect (although you should really just come check it all out yourself).

Our Tasting Room opens up at 11am daily. Inside you'll find twelve taps all pouring craft beer made on site (you can actually see the brew house through some windows) all of which are available for tasting flights, sleeves, and growler fills. Some are in cans for you to take home with you too! While we focus primarily on beer in the Tasting Room, we always make sure to have a couple of options for our non-beer fans too. An Okanagan wine, a local cider, and some alcohol-free choices.

Also in the "TR" you'll find a variety of activities including Skee Ball, Ms. Pac-Man, cribbage and other card games, board games, and more! Sit on the patio by the firepit, or inside on the swing or at a table. Food in the Tasting Room is provided by our pals at BoxcAr Kitchen. All ages are welcome; minors must be accompanied by an adult. 

The Eatery opens at 5pm daily. Our menu is a collection of classics and the unexpected, with nearly every component being made in-house. We take pride in our scratch kitchen and the delicious dishes our team produces. In addition to our well-respected food program, the Eatery also has a more vast beverage selection than the Tasting Room, including artisan cocktails, an expanded wine list, and more. 

Our 6-lane boutique bowling alley is located inside on the second floor of the Eatery (accessible by elevator or stairs). On one side of the lanes is our arcade, featuring vintage pinball machines and stand-up video games. The other side is home to our bocce court. See our reservations page for booking opportunities. 

All of the great food, excellent beer, and fun times wouldn't happen without the amazing group of people we're fortunate to be able to work with, or without you! We're grateful to every person who chooses to walk through our doors, whether as a guest or as a member of our staff. The people are truly what makes BNA what it is. So thanks!