Our Manifesto


Life really isn't that serious. We make it hard.

The sun rises. The sun sets.

Don't complicate it. Have a beer.

Our Story

The building that now houses BNA has roots in Kelowna's history that began growing long before we arrived on the scene. The British North American Tobacco Company brought the tobacco industry to the valley in the early 1900s and with it came Louis Holman, an entrepreneur from Wisconsin with dreams of making it big in the great white north. Louis' visions became a reality and for a period of time Kelowna was a booming hub for the tobacco industry in Canada. The BNA building was used to dry tobacco leaves and roll cigars. However, this was relatively short-lived and soon the fantastic fruit industry that we know and love took over. Occidental Fruit Co. moved in and the building became a cannery. It was occupied by various canners until 1960 and has since sat largely vacant with a few different tenants here and there. 

The BNA crew have now turned their own dream into a reality by creating a new chapter in this storied building's life. Our team is dedicated to honouring the history of 1250 Ellis, and using the best of what the Okanagan has to offer to put our own stamp on it. From the moment we walked into this space, we knew there was something special about it and that we could take that something special and turn it into something extraordinary. We like to think of the building not just as a building, but as a member of our incredible team. Its history and structure contribute to our future and enrich the way that we do our jobs. We hope you find your own something special here and that you let it inspire you as is has us. Thank-you for choosing to join us and for sharing a part of your story with ours!